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agriculture & softs | cover storyfood crisisIs the world on the brink of a food crisis? With different pressures affecting the global food supply and prices, such as energy costs, population increases, climate changes and the continuing increase in the global middle class, The Public Ledger’s Ian Hart investigates what’s at stake.With the global population rising and becoming more affluent, pressure is being put on the farming and commodity trading communities to produce more and get it to the right places. In the short-term higher, more volatile prices are inevitable. In the longterm great structural change is needed. During the past year or two, national newspapers across the globe have carried stories raising fears over whether we can produce enough food for our future needs. Already food shortages have sparked rioting: India in November; Mexico in February; Haiti in April. Consumers in the developed world are asking, is the era of cheap food over?
    Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the UN, told representatives from 181 countries at the FAO World Food Summit in June that world food production must rise by 50% by 2030 to meet increasing demand. He warned that higher food prices risk hunger spreading to a further 100m people, civil unrest and greater poverty.
    It is important to understand what has caused the mismatch in supply and demand that earlier this year sparked one of the most spectacular bull runs in agricultural commodity prices ever seen. A key factor is that the population of the world is growing. The UN predicts that the population will grow from the current 6.68bn to 8.92bn by 2050, while other forecasters have it rising as high as 11bn by that point. But this has been known for a long time.
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